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Trail Grooming Update

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Cut Lake Ski Trail

Goose Lake Ski Trail

Hiram Ski Trails

Washburn Solitude Area Trails 


Cut Lake - We didn’t roll it today decided not enough snow I think we still need 6 min for our trails as ground is very uneven especially where they logged. We cleaned entire trail of a few downed trees and lots of trash over 5 hrs. All the trails seem to be ready but there are some big ruts where they logged but I think they will be ok if we get enough snow.


Goose - All trails rolled at Goose yesterday but did not set a track. There is enough snow to be skiable, but there are patches of stirred up leaves covering the trail occasionally. There is some stubble protruding, too. It's the best we can do without a little help from mother nature.


Hiram There was maybe 3", just barely enough to start packing the trail. Lots of leaves, stubble, sticks, rocks and ruts so pretty rough right now. Needs at least another 3" to make it much better. It's skiable but you need to use your rock skis and be careful of all the debris. Glide will be tough.


Washburn -  Over the past few weeks, we have received several small snowfalls, accumulating 5"-8".  This has not been enough to provide good skiing conditions, but we did groom what we have to offer up something at least.  Unfortunately, the set track is mostly down to the trail floor, though it is mostly at standard track depth.  This means that if we get an inch or two of snow, it might be just skiable enough some someone itching to get out.  On the trails south of the highway, no track was set, instead starting the base for skate skiing.  The base is a little better, so the intrepid skier who cannot wait might be able to eke out a passable experience.  Check out the pictures posted to Skinny Ski to help you decide before you go out.

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