Trail Grooming Update

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Cut Lake Ski Trail

Goose Lake Ski Trail

Hiram Ski Trails

Washburn Solitude Area Trails 


Cut Lake Made one pass with just the knives down to break up some of the icy snow. It was a bit on the cold side at first to set track but I went for it. We still have a lot of snow out there!


Goose - All trails were rolled and groomed today. The winds that created monstrous drifts also swept away many of the stubborn oak leaves. Trails are in excellent condition. 


Hiram - groomed this afternoon to try to bury the oak & ironwood leaves, repair the deer damage and break up the icy hard pack. The track turned out a little ragged but it is plenty good to hold the skis and the icy hard pack is pretty well broken up. There are a lot of leaves mixed into the snow in places and more were coming down as I was grooming so expect to have some drag on the skis in certain places. The track and pole deck should firm up well over night. Hopefully the deer won't damage it to much before the club ski Wednesday morning.



Washburn - Groomed the south sections this evening (north was groomed 2/23). A good track was set, but may end up being soft. Went around once first with the sled to get a packing run in, but no time to also roll it. Lots of light dry snow, so it may not set firmly, plus the deck wasn't getting as blemish-free as usual.